November 24, 2016

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel like everyone and everything has completely changed?

You somehow feel totally different than the moment before and like everything you believed to be true about yourself, about your life, about life itself and about oth...

November 10, 2016

How are your interactions?

Do they sometimes leave you feeling let down or feeling like your needs aren’t being met?

Do you feel people don’t show up for you in the ways you want them to emotionally?

This is caused by an 'Expectation block'.

An 'expectation block' in thi...

November 4, 2016

Do you worry how others perceive you?

Do you hide from photos?

Do you struggle with looking in the mirror and loving what you see?

Do you struggle with being ok in your own skin?

These are all sure signs that you've got this block in your energy field.

So what's the bl...

September 27, 2016

You all of a sudden feel a huge resistance to it, all the thoughts about not wanting to do it start flooding through your mind such as, I can’t do it! Why bother? It’s just gonna get dirty again or I’m just gonna put the weight back on anyway!

Then you go back to doing...

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Hi! I'm Patti. True Essence Living has been created to teach, support and guide you through your experience of life and offers you the choice of living with ease and grace as an alternative to resistance and conflict.

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