Embodied Soul Alignment Session for Fear and Anxiety

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Embodied Soul Alignment sessions are downloads for you to listen to whenever you need to shift your energy.

This Embodied Soul Alignment Session is for shifting the layers of stuck energies presenting themselves in the form of fear and anxiety.

All emotions are simply energies moving through your system. When we have trouble processing these emotions, they get stuck and slow the flow of energy through your energy body and your energy field which creates resistance in your body and in your life. This can look like panic attacks, nervousness, anxiety, fear, worry, anger, confusion and frustration to name a few.

Your life can start to unravel as your system tries to deal with the slower flow of energy as it can't sustain the extra demand your physical world has on an already weakened system. This can look like unhappy relationships, less money flowing into your life and health issues.

Just like the blood in your body needs to flow, so does your energy and the Embodied Soul Alignment sessions allow this to happen by shifting the stuck energies and allowing more of your vibrant Souls' energy to move through you and into your life.

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