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Do you have interactions that feel like you’re in a tug- of- war?
Do you feel like even the people closest to you, don’t know you?
Do feel like YOU don’t really know you?
Do you find it hard to speak up, especially when you feel hurt?
Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes around others, especially people who are hurting or angry?
Do you find it difficult to ask for what you need?

Do you feel like YOU don’t even know what you need sometimes?

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a washing machine on spin cycle and can’t get out? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or aggravated and aren’t quite sure why?

Do you ever wake up with a feeling of dread or anxious about the day?

Do you lack motivation in your daily life to do even the most simple of tasks?

Do you turn to stimulants or calmatives to get through stressful times?

Do you struggle with emotions when they come up and processing them?
Finding yourself in modern times is so different
to the old ways of doing it.

Life was slower paced and you didn’t have so many roles to fulfil in your everyday living. Now life moves so much faster, have you found yourself writing the date and saying, “where has the year gone?”

The end of the day comes and you feel like you weren’t really present for any of it but it’s too late, the day is done.


Modern intuitive living is about connecting with your ‘True Essence’ in every moment of every day without having to take yourself out of your every day life, without having to remove yourself from society and your contribution. It’s about that perfect balance between input and output, what you’re doing that fills you up and what you do to contribute to your life and the lives of those around you. Being able to identify when you’re slipping out of balance and how to bring the balance back once it’s gone.


The old ways of connecting with yourself often take you away from the gifts of the interactions you have in daily living and require you to spend your time looking solely within.


You don’t have to choose between the life you have now and finding yourself. It is possible to bring your true self into your current life and allow this version of you to start captaining the ship rather than your old wounded versions and evolve your life beyond the points where it might be stuck and in a way that inspires and motivates you.


I believe the balance we strive for and need to thrive comes from this approach of input- output.


Being aware in your everyday living of what thoughts, feelings and actions you’re working with to create your experience of life and choosing more supportive ones that align you to your ‘True Essence’ and a life of ease and flow.


The ‘hard times’ will continue to show up in life but they don’t have to be a constant struggle and when you’re equipped with the tools to easily recognise the messages they bring, it empowers you to process them from a space of calm and clarity. You begin to see the purpose in your experiences and live life feeling more connected to it and all within it.


I’m here to teach you a few simple tools and techniques to incorporate into your daily living and make them habit to create lasting change in the way you’re experiencing life.

We are simple yet profoundly complex beings and fortunately for us, the parts we need to take care of are the parts that require minimal tools just consistency in using them.
...this course might just be what you’ve been waiting for!
If you’re looking for a new way to live life, one that takes you out of struggle, resistance and confusion and into clarity, confident, empowered and calm then stay with me here as I guide you through what you’ll learn in this course so you can decide if it can support you where you’re at right now and guide you as you move forward in your life.


What would your life look like if you knew the real reason for any conflict, struggle or resistance that showed up in your life and how to process it, so that you receive the gifts of it’s message and then let go of the rest, the stuff that creates conflict in your relationships?


How would you feel if you knew in your deepest layers, that you’re unique perspective and experiences are of amazing value to others and need to be shared?


What would you do differently if you knew you couldn’t make a mistake because there’s no such thing (it’s always an opportunity to grow)?


How much more money would you have if you knew what you’re really wanting when you ‘want’ something and could give it to yourself first emotionally, before you decide if it’s a real physical world need and buy it?


How would you approach life if you knew the real purpose and value of your emotions?

How would your relationships and communication change in your roles as mother, father, daughter, son, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, you see where I’m going with this:-)?


How would it be to always have room in your system to easily navigate whatever comes up and to even have enough space to help others by remaining calm and understanding, to act with more love and compassion?


You’ll learn all of this in this course, Authentically You. This course is the first in a series designed to guide you as you grow by using the tools you learn along the way.
  • How to connect with your ‘True Essence’.
  • How to understand and heal the energetic components of your physical body stress, experiences and interactions.
  • How to quickly identify and correct any areas of imbalance in your energy body using your whole being.
  • How to quickly recognise when you begin to slip out of balance and what the trigger is in that moment and how to heal it.
  • How to heal old hurts from your energy body that are triggering you as you move forward in your life.
  • How to quickly destress your entire system in any moment.
  • How to approach conflict from a space of calm and clarity to bring it to a peaceful resolution.
  • How to speak up confidently and from your ‘True Essence’.
  • How to give yourself ALL the feelings you feel you’ve been missing out on.
  • How to take the pressure off of yourself and others and allow each to show up authentically.
  • How to connect more fully with who you really are and allow that version of you to show up.
  • How to understand your relationship to ANYONE and ANYTHING and how to evolve it to a place of love and acceptance rather than fear and harsh criticism.
  • How to be a guiding light along your journey without dimming it to make others feel comfortable or waiting for them to catch up.
The fact is, you have an energy body and it requires care and maintenance just as your physical body does.

If you don’t know what your unique energy body needs are then it’s impossible to support it and allow it to function in a way that supports your growth and enjoyment of life.

  • Have a greater understanding of how your unique energy body functions and communicates with you.
  • Be able to identify when you’re showing up authentically and when you’re not.
  • Always know what state your entire being is operating in and how to de-stress and bring it back into balance quickly.
  • Enjoy your interactions more with others as you begin to see the purpose and the gift in each one as they are happening.
  • Feel empowered to speak as you’ll have already cleared your ‘stuff’ which removes the emotional charge allowing you to remain calm and have clarity in your message.
  • Have relationships and interactions that inspire and connect on a soul level as you’re able to look beyond their hurts that are being expressed.
  • Have more compassion moving forward in life as you understand fully in each moment what’s yours to heal and what’s not.
  • Show up in a way that supports others and where they’re at without stopping your own growth along the way.
Your life is your journey, experienced and expressed through your whole being which is your own Universe operating within THE Universe.

“How you experience life is created within your Universe and expressed outward into the Universe affecting all those within it. If you want a better


experience of life, start within your own being. Be aware of your own inner state and change the ‘stuff’ you’re not enjoying.

If you’re in a constant state of stress then you can only express more stress into the Universe. Choose what you want to bring more of into the world and maintain a state of being that allows you to express it. The first step is to learn how to do it, that’s where I come in.


I’m speaking from absolute experience as I’ve lived the old ways and I’ve since changed my approach to the ones I teach my beautiful clients and the same ones I’m teaching you in this course.


Why am i the one to help you with this? I’ve lived these tools now every day since I first discovered what my body and my ‘True Essence’ were trying to tell me over 14 years ago when I first woke up and was stuck in my body, I couldn’t walk, talk or move. I was later told I had lost the function of my immune and adrenal systems and there was nothing they could do. From that moment I decided NO MATTER WHAT this was NOT going to be for no reason! I ventured inwards as I literally had no where else to go and that’s where I found an infinite amount of answers and information I needed to turn things around. It was hard for sure and there were plenty of moments when I felt I didn’t have anything more in me to keep going, the excruciating pain was relentless and nothing would stop it, then I discovered that I was more than my physical body and I could actually take my awareness wherever I wanted. So I ventured deep into the part that was aching the most and I listened to what it had to say and boy was it chatty. All the stuff I was making it hold onto until I had more information to finally process it and let it go, all the stuff I couldn’t understand, all the hurt and feelings of injustice, all the ‘why’. It was all being stored in these parts that were literally aching for my attention. So now it had it, my full attention and what I discovered has been life changing. I no longer hold onto old hurts that I couldn’t understand the reason for, my child mind couldn’t comprehend why people could do the things they did and nor was it supposed to. I had to simply learn to process it in a way that was easy and flowing rather than fearful and struggle. That’s exactly what I’ve done now and am offering to teach you in this course and each one that follows.


As a child I was always working intuitively with energy and healing people’s energy fields without recognising that this wasn’t common for most people. I wasn’t taught how to do it, I just did it because this was my natural ability and since understanding how I was doing it I’m now teaching you how to connect with and identify your natural abilities and the parts of you that you’ve been yearning to connect with.


If you’ve struggled in the past or present with processing life in a way that’s flowing and graceful and you need some support in learning how to do it in this more enjoyable way then sign up now and get started right away.


You have my full support as I’ve created this course in a way that guides you and inspires you with simple tools and techniques to incorporate in your daily living. I’ve put all my love and energy into creating a course that offers you the very best way to move forward in life fully connected to life and all your experiences.


This course is designed to keep you out of overwhelm with bite sized chunks of information to support and guide you as you move forward.


This course is a self paced course coz it really is all about you and letting things unfold in their right timing.


You’ll have support in the Facebook group where i’ll be popping in to inspire and motivate you also.


You have lifetime access to the course and any future updates.


As an Authentically You student you’ll receive discounts on future courses added to True Essence Living Academy that are all designed to add on to the previous so you have continued support as you grow.


I’m committed to being here fully for you as you grow through your journey from here on in by creating content that’s aligned with your growth. So if this excites you go ahead and sign up now for the start of an inspired journey.



Love and hugs,

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