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Soul Alignment Sessions
+ Packages
This I know to be true...
when you evolve something in your energy field, the rest of your life will begin to come into alignment with it.
and express it in every part of your life!
Join me one on one, 
for a supercharged Soul Alignment + Activation journey of either a single session or a package of 1 month or 6 months together, to align with and activate your full Soul radiance in the area you most wish to evolve in your life so you can begin to create the life that your Soul desires to experience through you.   




Is this you now?

You keep encountering the same problems over and over and just can't seem to move beyond the cycle you're stuck in.

You feel like the life you're living, doesn't really represent who you know you truly are.

You keep attracting the same type of people and ending up in the same situations that ultimately make you unhappy.

You're trying to create massive change in your life but it's just not happening.

You're trying to birth a new creation in the world but you feel all kinds of

resistance to actually doing it.


You're done with the old ways of being and are ready to do what you came here to do.


You're ready to go rogue and actually show up in the ways you know you're meant to instead of letting your pain stories rule your life. 





Did I hear you say "YES!"

and want to know how I can help?

The changes you're trying to make in your life aren't happening or 'sticking', because you're not making the changes in the right place.


Everything stopping you in the physical world has its place of origin in your energy field. 


By going straight to that place and evolving it from there, while simultaneously aligning and infusing it with your Souls energy and purpose for being alive on the planet through you, the change has a new foundation to anchor it and can then be built upon in your physical world in a way that supports it fully.

This is where I'm your secret weapon for creating this shift in the quickest, easiest and most fun of ways because this is where my mastery is.

I'm not about spending heaps of time energising old pain stories, I absolutely honour and hold space for them as we move through and evolve them on your energetic journey but I follow the energy that takes us straight to the place of origin of what's not in alignment for you getting the change you want and then quantum shift it, bring it into Soul alignment and supercharge it so you can keep moving forward in the new energy we bring through to resource you.

You know this journey is for you if

you feel a hum in your system and excitement yet nervousness at the thought of stepping into a life you know you're meant to live, a life of greater joy and contribution.


How would you feel living a life where you inspire others just by showing up in your full radiance?

The life you're living now can be totally upgraded and aligned with the greater desire and purpose of your Soul, and all you have to do is claim it now by saying YES to your magic and join me on this incredible journey of uncovering your Soul and bringing it fully into the world with so much love and joy, free from the fears and pain stories that have been creating your life.


How does this work?
We'll have either a Single 1hr Soul Alignment + Activation call
a 1 Month or 6 Month journey of Bi-weekly 1x 1hr Soul Alignment + Activation call together every 2nd week
if you're after a slower Soul Awakening, a journey of 1x 1hr Soul Alignment + Activation call every month for 6 months together.






These sessions are pure magic and the shifts are light speed. 

It's important to know that when you make the decision to be done with your old ways of being, your Soul begins to show you all the ways that you've been playing out your pain stories and letting them create your life.


You'll need to hold yourself accountable for recognising when you're in a pain story that's keeping you stuck and when it's your Soul being expressed so you can choose to shift it or to embody and expand it further which is something I teach you right from your very first session.

I'll teach you the skills that will be specific to your system, during our calls and you'll become a master at recognising and shifting your pain stories around that area that you've been stuck in, as well as how to align and supercharge your energies with what supports you.


These calls are life changing because you're learning powerful intuitive and energetic skills unique to your system and will be able to apply them in other areas of your life as well, how awesome is that!!


So if this all lights you up and you're ready to leap, with me fully holding and guiding you then join me now and let's get started!

Payment plans are available also.

So much love,

Patti xoxo



You decide gorgeous Soul!

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