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When you feel the nudge from your Soul that she has a desire for you to create and share, the message can be hard to translate through the current landscape of your being and you need support.
Join me one on one, for a 4 month Intuitive Soul Mastery Mentorship where you will learn how to do what I do, which is to be an Intuitive Ninja and infuse it into your very own Soul Work. 




Is this you now?

You enjoy your work but feel like it could be so much more powerful if you could supercharge it with your intuition!

You want to learn to trust your intuition.

You know you have a deeper purpose in life other than the work you're currently doing but don't have the belief that you could do it in a way that really lights you up.

You feel a call to show up in your business and your life with more potency but don't have a clear idea of how to do that.

You want to contribute in a meaningful way but aren't sure what that actually is yet and need help discovering it.




If you answered 'yes' to any of these, then read on because this journey may be exactly what your Soul has led you to so she can finally express her gifts and magic through you and into the hearts of those you're here to serve.

Not everyone is meant to show up in the same way, because each person on this planet is unique in how they see the world and the gifts that are natural to them.

I didn't realise growing up, that not everyone can see the Soul blueprint of everyone and everything on the planet. I didn't know that the way I was experiencing the world was unique and that it wasn't easy for others to read energy and see where it was stuck in energy fields and be able to shift it and align it to the energy of the Soul. 

After spending 12 years of being sick with an illness that had me trapped in my body and removed all outside distractions, I later discovered that I was actually downloading my own energy modality which my Soul was wanting me to receive and bring into the world, but I wasn't creating the space to receive the download because I was always so busy working.

She took charge and got me on track and sharing my magic and now I'm here to support you in doing the same.

You know this journey is for you if:


You feel a hum in your system and excitement yet nervousness at the thought of stepping into a life you know you're meant to live, a life of greater contribution.



How would you feel living a life where you inspire others just by showing up in your full radiance?

The life you're living now can be totally upgraded and aligned with the greater mission and purpose of your Soul and all you have to do is claim it now by saying "YES" to your magic and join me on this incredible journey of the uncovering of your Soul gifts and bringing them into the world.


What's included?
1.5- 2hr Zoom meeting every 2 weeks: 

These sessions are where the magic happens. You simply show up, I read the energy of the group and we shift the energies that are revealing themselves so you can align further into the energies of your Soul gifts and mission.

All calls are recorded and a link to the recordings will be sent out so you don't miss out if you can't make the live calls.

Because we're working energetically, the calls are actually infused with the energies we're shifting and aligning to.

During the calls, I hold the energy field of each person who's in the group, whether present or not, so the recordings are just as powerful whether listened to live or recorded and they form a valuable library of resources for you after our journey is complete

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