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What is does it feel like to be living YOUR legacy?


You're not here to create someone else's legacy, you're here to fulfill your own!


So what is your legacy?


Do you need help uncovering it and to actually start living it?

Join me one-on-one
in the Sacred Legacy Codes Temple for a supercharged
Intuitive Energetic Mentoring + Alignment journey where I'll be guiding you through my unique method of Intuitive Self Mastery skills to align you to your legacy in every frequency!


Is this you now?


You know you have a legacy but actually getting your work out there is creating resistance that stops you in your tracks.

You feel called to bring through your unique body of Soul work but you're having trouble knowing exactly what your Soul work looks like in the world as an offering.

You know you have potent magic to share but it's not clear to you yet how you share it in sessions.

You want to show up and share your message but it needs to be supercharged by your Soul light more.

You're ready to fully claim your Soul gifts, their potency & their value!

You're done hiding & want to help others with your beautiful Soul gifts!

You're ready to devote yourself to your Soul work & the magic it's here to ignite in others.

Is that a "YES!" I hear you say and you want to know how I can help?


Well beautiful Soul, I'm your secret weapon for creating and birthing your Sacred legacy in the quickest, easiest, aligned and most fun of ways because this is where my mastery is.

You see, I hang out in the Soul field all day every day, moving between my own and others, so I had to master my intuitive energy skills, at first to be able to function in the world and then so I could help others with their own journey and that's exactly what I do.


I read your energy in all it's frequencies and map them all the way through the Soul field which we then go through the process of creating a clear structure right throughout the Soul field and into the 3D, while alchemising everything that meets us with resistance.


This creates a clear and energised channel for your Souls desire to be expressed through you as the vessel and into the world to make the greatest impact she's here to make with her legacy.


I'm not about spending heaps of time energising old pain stories, I absolutely honour and hold space for them as we move through and evolve them on your energetic journey but I follow the energy that takes us straight to the place of origin of what's not in alignment for you getting the change you want and then quantum shift it, bring it into Soul alignment and supercharge it so you can keep moving forward in the new energy we bring through to resource you.

You know this journey is for you if

you feel a call to share your message with the world and this creates Nervousness yet excitement at the thought of stepping into the role you know you're meant to show up in and to create a life of greater joy and contribution.

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How does this work?
You choose your package out of 3 options:
  • 1 Month= 2x Fortnightly calls + 4x 10mins Voxer sessions
  • 6 Months= 12x Fortnightly calls + 24x 10mins Voxer sessions
  • 12 Months= 24x Fortnightly calls + 48x 10mins Voxer sessions
Our journey looks like:
  • 1x1hr Legacy Code Alignment + Activation call every 2nd week
  • 1x weekly 10 minute Voxer (voice messaging support) session over our 1:1 journey together for the time period you've chosen.



In simple terms, we'll read your energy around how your Soul desires to express her magic through you and how she desires that to look in the form of your sessions/work and how you show up to share her message. You'll have a clear template for how you show up with clients and also how you speak to the transformation you provide to inform + activate potential Soul clients now that you've got your core foundational work mapped as a session, which you'll then build your offerings, packages + communication around.

In energetic terms, we'll begin by reading your individual Soul Legacy template in it's most pure form by getting the codes right from your legacy's original point of creation which we then install within each layer of your Soul field including your physical body, this forms the foundations of your template.

We then build upon these foundations in your Sacred Soul legacy template by collecting ALL the codes of your how your gifts need to flow through your field to honour your Sacred Soul Legacy and these are collected right throughout the different frequencies of YOUR Sacred Legacy portal which we bring all the way back into your physical body, landing them fully here as a template to activate.

We activate this template by creating pathways and lighting them up with life force energy, again, this is done right through each layer of your Soul field including your body and its' survival response template.

Now that we've installed and activated your Sacred Soul legacy template, we begin the journey of expanding the flow of energy through it by identifying and alchemising pain stories that are slowing the flow of energy through the pathways of your Souls expression of your radiant Soul gifts in the form of your Sacred Soul work.

These sessions are pure magic and the shifts are light speed. 

It's important to know that when you make the decision to be done with your old ways of being, your Soul begins to show you all the ways that you've been playing out your pain stories and letting them create your life.


You'll need to hold yourself accountable for recognising when you're in a pain story that's keeping you stuck and when it's your Soul being expressed so you can choose to shift it or to embody and expand it further which is something I teach you right from your very first session.

I'll teach you the unique Intuitive Self Mastery skills that will be specific to your system, during our calls and you'll become a master at recognising and shifting your pain stories around that area that you've been stuck in, as well as how to align and supercharge your energies with what supports you.


These calls are life changing because you're learning powerful intuitive and energetic skills unique to your system and will be able to apply them in other areas of your life as well, how awesome is that!!


So if this all lights you up and you're ready to leap into your Sacred Legacy and let it become your life's work with me fully holding and guiding you, then join me now and let's get started!

Payment plans are available also.

So much love,

Patti xoxo

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