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Blocks, Triggers and Patterns: What they are and why you need to know about them.

Blocks, triggers and patterns are all responsible for creating stress in your life on all levels.

They create conflict in your communication.

They stop you being healthy, quitting smoking, exercising regularly.

They even stop you from managing your money.

They stop you from enjoying harmonious relationships.

They take you out of clarity and into confusion.

They each stop you from enjoying your ideal life and won't allow you success until you learn to identify and clear them.

So they are super important to know, understand and clear.

A block is really designed to keep you safe

and stops you from feeling and experiencing things you don't enjoy, however they can also stop you from doing the things you WANT to do and just like in the physical world, they are the same in the emotional, mental and energetic layers in that you have to move it before you can move forward.

We create blocks every day.

Each time we decide we don't like something or don't enjoy something, we attach different emotions and beliefs to the words, objects, people, places, smells and sounds that were present which we then put in our protection log. Then if we encounter anything similar from that experience again, our block triggers our patterns which stops any further action from being taken that may put us in that situation again.

A block doesn't have to

keep you stuck anymore.

Triggers are the seemingly irrational reactions we have.

Triggers are the words, people, places, objects, smells, sounds and events we have emotions attached to that were present at the time the block it's attached to, was created. A trigger is what sets off a pattern to protect you and keep you safe. It also has the same emotions and beliefs held within it as the block or blocks it is attached to.

Patterns are a combination of the emotions, thoughts and beliefs attached to the block.

Patterns are the combination of emotions, thoughts and beliefs that were created at the time the block was created and is formed into an actual pattern so that it can be recognised easily when it's triggered. Our entire being changes to express the pattern which has a specific posture, even facial expression and words alter to express the pattern and it's hurts.

When our patterns are triggered we can find it really hard to connect with others and express our needs clearly as our entire system has slipped into a stressed state which also makes it difficult for others to connect with us.

It's easy to decide that each is just a pain and has no purpose, but it's actually not that way at all.

You see each of these is just an earlier version of ourselves which we created as a way to keep us safe until we learn that there are other ways, some of which you will learn with me.

It's important to not judge yourself or others when you slip into these stressed states

You need to understand that if you want the pattern to relax, you need to first acknowledge what it's wanting to do.....protect you.

You then need to decide if you really need or want it's protection and if not let it know it's not needed and it can just relax.

I go further into this in the course i am currently creating so sign up below to join my beautiful tribe if you want to be notified first when it's available.

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