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What your child really needs from you when they're acting out.

We’ve all experienced this in some way, maybe you were the kid acting out or maybe you were the adult confused by the behaviour of a child acting out.

So your angel of a child has all of a sudden started to rebel and is no longer that perfect little baby they once were, what the heck has happened?

Well there of course is a multitude of reasons why this may be happening but on an emotional level is where we’re going to look at and in particular the emotional support they may be needing.

They need help to understand and process their emotions and the messages they are bringing, so it's important to be able to teach them.

Have you ever felt stressed and started lashing out at people for no obvious reason other than the reasons you create to make it ok that you’re hurting other people?

In those moments you’re not sure what’s going on and it feels like the ‘Hulk’ has taken over. You feel overwhelmed and confused, you’re in an absolute stress state and instead of processing it in a healthy way, you vomit your emotional pain and confusion all over those around you.

No matter what age you are, it’s common to slip into these stress states and when you do, what do you find you needed most in that moment?

Maybe you needed someone to say “It’s ok that you feel this way.” And to guide you through it. Maybe you just needed space.

But what everyone needs in those moments is to feel safe, loved, heard and supported. To know they don’t have to process this on their own. To feel safe as they navigate their way through the emotional upheaval.

These moments happen when you’re transitioning or trying to process experiences and emotions that you haven’t yet developed the tools for processing or encountered before, so you feel like your driving blind at high speed with no-one beside you to direct you. You feel like the earth has fallen out from beneath you and you need someone to catch you.

In those moments they feel alone, scared and unaccepted.

So what do they need from you?

They need to feel safe, loved, supported and accepted. They need you to emotionally detach from your own wounds that may be triggered in those moments and guide them.

Let them know that you’re there if they want to talk and remind them they aren’t alone, they don’t have to figure it out or process it all by themselves.

Let them know they can talk to you about anything, and make sure this is true!

Let go of your wounds and show up fully to support them.

Sometimes we just need someone to witness us as we let go of our hurt and confusion.

Whatever they need, be willing to connect with what’s going on with them by detaching from your own wounds as they come up, recognise your own energy state and clear it so you can support them on a Soul level.

If you want to learn the techniques for understanding and maintaining your healthy energy body function then check out the ecourses page.

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