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Do you struggle with loving and accepting your body? Finally uncover the block creating it!

Do you worry how others perceive you?

Do you hide from photos?

Do you struggle with looking in the mirror and loving what you see?

Do you struggle with being ok in your own skin?

These are all sure signs that you've got this block in your energy field.

So what's the block?


With this block, you constantly compare yourself to not only others, but to previous versions of yourself as a measure to how you need to look to be accepted.

You're trying to create a physical appearance based on something that may not be aligned with your True Essence and your body's optimal functioning state.

By comparing yourself to others, you create a moving target which can never be hit because you’re on a totally different path to each other. Each one guided by their Soul’s desire to grow and express itself through their own human form.

And by comparing yourself to previous versions of you, you also create an unattainable goal because those versions have evolved into the person you are now.

We're all designed to evolve.

To recognise & accept this as true, you can stop chasing the goal to stay a certain way & instead opt to be YOUR best, not anyone else's.

You can decide to see your body through the loving eyes you wish others would see you through rather than the judgmental and critical eyes you're currently using.

When you recognise the amazing work your body does automatically to support you in showing up in the world, you go beyond the outward appearance you see and connect with the depths of your body's beauty allowing you to love it.

Yeah your body may not be perfectly toned today but can you recognise and appreciate all that it's allowed and supported you in doing today?

Can you recognise the amazing work your body has done today even without your love and support?

And most importantly, how would you feel if someone made you work as hard as you make your body and treated you the way you treat it with little to no appreciation or support?

My guess here is that you wouldn't be overly happy or enjoy supporting them, you may even decide not to anymore.

You're too busy judging it for all the ways it's disappointing you by not looking a certain way, to see the amazing beauty of it and to connect with what it really needs from you to keep supporting you.

So how do you move beyond this?


Stop the comparison!

Recognise that you're completely unique from anyone else on the planet and that you don't need to look or be like anyone else, past or present!

You're here to connect with YOUR True Essence and express it in YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY.

So instead of getting stuck on all the stuff you've decided is wrong with you, begin to notice & appreciate all the stuff beneath the surface that's responsible for your existence & the way you show up in the world.

The stuff your body does automatically to keep you alive deserves your recognition & your gratitude.

Your physical body is a product of the support you give it on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

You can judge your body all you like, but until you recognise that what you offer it in the form of nutrition, movement, thoughts, feelings & energy is guided by what you believe about it & therefore plays a massive role in how it looks and functions, then you won't ever love or accept it.

Your body has a natural alignment to it's optimal functioning and if it's out of alignment based on you forcing it to be something other than that, it can create huge problems not just physically but in all the ways you show up.

If you're feeding your body foods that it truly doesn't like, not allowing it to move in ways that it enjoys and not having loving thoughts towards it, then you're not giving it the support it needs to function optimally.

So let's get actionable!

Begin with noticing your thoughts and feelings towards yourself as you go about your day and especially when looking in the mirror.

As they come up simply meet them with a question such as, is this really true?

What would I say if someone else said this about themselves?

Next, take notice of the foods your feeding your body, the movement you allow it & the emotions you regularly stay in or move between.

This will offer you some insight into what you can expect out of your body based on what support you offer it.

I see your perfection, can you? Start looking!

If this has excited you and you'd like to learn more you can sign up to my beautiful tribe below.

I'm currently developing online courses to guide you in having an authentic connection with your True Essence which you'll be the first to know when it’s available as part of my beautiful tribe.

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