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Tired of not feeling supported? Change it with this simple technique!

How are your interactions?

Do they sometimes leave you feeling let down or feeling like your needs aren’t being met?

Do you feel people don’t show up for you in the ways you want them to emotionally?

This is caused by an 'Expectation block'.

An 'expectation block' in this case, related to emotional support, stops you from understanding that everyone's current emotional state decides how they can support and respond to you.

If you're upset and wanting support or guidance and go to someone who's in a stressed state, expecting them to be calm and clear, you'll be disappointed because it just can't happen as the energies of calm and clear aren't currently present within them.

Would you ask or expect a car mechanic to operate successfully on your heart? I'm guessing not, but hey no judgement if you would:-) They haven't got the skills of a heart surgeon so you wouldn't expect a successful operation. This is the same for wanting emotional support from someone who isn't in a state to offer it to you.

So how do you move beyond this block?

Let go of the expectation of others to make you feel a certain way by understanding that your emotional state is created by you, not others.

The more you can connect with and understand you’re own emotional needs and fulfil them energetically then the less you expect others to do so.

When you understand that you create your own emotional state based on the thoughts you allow, you can approach situations knowing you have full control over how you feel during it.

Each moment is experienced differently by everyone. Choose your experience and create it.

Trust me this is possible, I no longer look to others to give me the feelings I wish to experience because I give it to myself energetically first and allow my experiences with others to unfold organically, allowing each to show up in whatever way they need to for everyone's growth, trusting we each receive the gifts we're ready to receive from those interactions.

Your emotions are there to guide you by letting you know whether you're in or out of alignment with your True Essence.

Emotions aren't good or bad, it's purely whether you enjoy them or not.

When you feel 'off' and have tension in your body, it's a sign your out of alignment somewhere.

The signs that you’re in alignment, show up as feelings of ease and joy and a sense of space within the body.

The moments when you feel ‘off’ are designed for you to simply acknowledge and release the thoughts and feelings present, not to embody them and start emotionally vomiting everywhere.

And the moments you feel ease and joy, be present and enjoy!

So how do you do this?

As always, Simple!

If you feel 'off', tune in and ask yourself what you’re currently feeling.

Connect with the emotion and it’s message by noticing what thoughts are creating this feeling then decide if it's true for you in this moment (remember tension means it's not true), thank it for it’s message and release it.

You also need to process the moments when you feel ease and joy so you can recognise when you’re in alignment.

You simply acknowledge them by connecting with how good it feels and recognise this as you're being in alignment with your True Essence, enjoy them because these are the moments you’re looking for in life.

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