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How to cope when your world's turned upside down

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel like everyone and everything has completely changed?

You somehow feel totally different than the moment before and like everything you believed to be true about yourself, about your life, about life itself and about others is not even remotely true for you anymore.

Like your memory has been wiped and the way you view life now is very different and that you’re not quite sure how to function?

These moments happen as a part of your

growth and are unavoidable.

So how do I handle them?

The best way is to first, understand that they’re a part of your human experience and second, that there’s always a gift that they bring which is up to you to find!

They're designed to help you release old beliefs and patterns that aren't aligned with your True Essence, creating a course correction, and they happen in some form to everyone at some point.

An example of a common experience is, yourself or a loved one face a health crisis which forces massive changes to the way you/they currently live.

(Notice it’s an external shift forcing you to look within.)

This can bring with it an awareness such as, "Wow! Our bodies aren't going to live forever and maybe we haven't been supporting our bodies best functioning."

Maybe you all of a sudden have this overwhelming feeling that the way you’ve been doing things up to this point can’t continue, you need to make a change which results in a healthier and happier body.

This way you get the internal shift required for the course correction, but it’s done so with a massive disruption to your physical world first because you weren't listening to the whispers of guidance through your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Alternatively, being connected to and listening to your physical body by noticing the internal guidance it offers in the form of physical sensations, emotions and their accompanying thoughts, offers you the opportunity to create your massive internal shifts without needing the massive external shifts to happen first.

This approach allows you to create clarity within before taking guided and inspired physical world action resulting in a more harmonious course correction.

The reality is,

that you and life itself, are ever changing

and there will be massive shifts

in your understanding of it all,

but the common feeling these shifts bring

to most people is fear.

The fear comes from not knowing what's going on or what the messages are and how to interpret them.

So by learning how to connect with the messages and understand them helps you to navigate your shifts with more ease.

When you get stuck in the fear you can miss the gold nugget the new awareness brings.

The gold nuggets that guide you into your dream career, your dream relationship, finally loving and accepting yourself or making those lifestyle changes that support your happiest body and living.

We receive guidance every moment of our lives but often we aren’t able to recognise them because it’s not something you were taught to actively look for.

When you ignore the small whispers of guidance in the form of the heaviness in the stomach or thoughts of ‘that doesn’t feel right’, the whispers get louder until it reaches the point that there is no way you can ignore them.

Your job is to get really good at picking up the whispers so it’s a more subtle message and an easier course correction.

So how do I do that?

In those moments of upheaval, you need to remain present and not get caught up in your fearful thoughts.

Instead, focus on your breath and simply ask, “What is it I’m being asked to notice here?” What is it I'm being asked to let go of now to move forward with ease?"

Then wait for what comes to you.

Notice it then release it with your breath.

Tip: You’ll likely keep shifting your attention back to those fearful thoughts so you’ll need to keep bringing it back to your breath and each time, just keep asking yourself those 2 questions.

This process will keep you centred and allows you to shift the blocks that have been keeping you stuck in those areas that are now being turned upside down.

So when ‘stuff gets real’, go beyond the fearful thoughts and emotions and look for the message of change it's guiding you to.

I'm currently developing online courses to teach you all about this concept and how to work with it to create an awesome life aligned with ease and flow, so if this has excited you and you'd like to be the first to know when they're available you can sign up to my beautiful tribe below.

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