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Are you sabotaging your own happiness? Find out if and why you are

Are you sabotaging yourself from actually being truly happy and fulfilled?

Could you even recognise it if you were?

Most often you're probably not even aware that you're doing it and even if you were to look back at the moments when you have done, you might still not be able to see it yourself.

It's so common to want something so much and then when you get it you don't know what to do with it.

You can start to create issues that may ultimately result in your losing it.

I used to do this constantly, I'd work so hard to get myself to a space that I wanted be in, and then it seemed like all of a sudden, it disappeared. It was like I didn't connect with the fact that I'd achieved it so it got fed up with me not fully enjoying it and decided to leave.

It was crazy to me, that the same thing kept happening with totally different aspects of my life, so I went into the energetics of it and boy did I find some old cobwebs that were needing to be cleaned.

As I went inwards, I discovered that I still had all of these old beliefs that I'd created and held onto that didn't support my sustained happiness.

Moments for example, when I'd decided as a little girl, that if I was 'Soul happy' then something bad would happen for the simple reason that I'd followed my Soul's joy, feeling totally happy and then something terrible happened which was completely unrelated, but as a child you don't grasp things that clearly. I'd then been allowing this belief, among others that I'd attached to my happiness, to guide my experience of 'happy'.

So why do I sabotage myself?

There's always more than one reason for anything as life is so multi faceted, but a few common blocks are:

  • I can't actually have it

  • I don't deserve it.

  • It just won't happen for me.

  • It never lasts.

  • Every time I get happy something bad happens.

What happens is that once you actually get happy, you need to adjust your energy to actually being happy now, really feel the energy of that feeling and shift yourself out of the energy of wanting it.

When you have blocks in place like the ones above, they drive your thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviour in the direction which supports them being true for you, which ultimately creates the outcome of you losing the very thing you've been working so hard to attain.

You're still stuck in the energy of wanting it versus actually having it.

So how do I stop sabotaging my happiness?

As always... simple!

Pay attention to what thoughts and emotions come up when you think about what brings you 'Soul Happiness' and check in to see if they support the outcome you'd most love.

So how do I do that?

Well, think about something that lights up your soul, have you got it?

Ok when you do, notice now any tension in your body as well as the thoughts and emotions that are coming up.

Are they supportive of you actually having that beautiful experience of what it is that brings you 'Soul Joy'?

Now if they aren't, acknowledge each belief as they become clearer and simply choose to upgrade it with a new belief that does support you.

Tip: You'll need to do this continually until you feel no tension in your body (that's not for an actual physical reason, always check with your doctor for any concerns you have as this work is only focusing on the energetic component of your physical world situations) and your state of being is relaxed and spacious:-)

When you connect to the energy of something, it brings up all your beliefs you have attached to it so you really can predict how it'll unfold if you don't go in and shift those blocks that don't support your ideal experience.

I find this approach so much fun as I explore the stuff that comes up throughout my day, you can too, just remember it's only energy and you can shift it!

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