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Having trouble sleeping? Learn a simple energetic tool to help you unwind.

Trouble sleeping

Do you sometimes feel like there's so much information coming towards you that it just creates a feeling of overwhelm, or like you just can't switch off?

Maybe it's worse at bedtime as your body wants to wind down, your mind keeps working away!

This is such a common issue in todays fast paced life and while there are many contributing factors to this, one that needs to be looked at is the energetic cause.

So what may be going on with my energy then?

This can be because you're open to receiving energetic information without realising it and when this is happening it can bring on a whole world of physical,emotional and mental symptoms if you don't learn how to work with it or how to shut it down when you need the rest.

We all have the ability to read energy whether we choose to work with it or not and for some of us, it happens from birth and others, it may open more as you go through life.

The energetic information that's coming at you as you go about your day can create feelings of anxiety and overwhelm so when you identify if this is what your tuning into then you can learn the tools to work with it or shut it down as i said earlier and one tool that may be best for you until you do learn to work with it, is to close it down.

How do I close it down?

We take in energetic information in many different ways and one of the most common I see when treating clients with sleep issues is that their third eye, located roughly between the eyebrows and slightly above, is wide open and getting bombarded with information that they are then trying to make sense of.

So to close this is really simple and mostly involves your intention for closing it.

1. Using your finger pads of your 3 middle fingers, gently brush downwards over the area in the centre of your forehead all the way to the bridge of your nose.

2. As you brush the area closed, have the intention or say, "I choose to rest now, I'm closing my third eye."

3. Breathe deeply, filling your chest, then deeper to fill your stomach, then deeper again to fill your whole body as you do this.

4. If you start to notice your mind wandering again, do it again as often as you notice it happening and especially if you wake through the night.

Note: This is like building a muscle, it can take a few times to train it that you want to close it and this is because it's been open and operating rogue for so long that now it needs to learn that you're aware of it now and your choosing to manage it yourself.

You can also do this throughout the day any time you feel overwhelmed or anxious;-)

A few other thing to consider are the usual recommendations such as turning off all devices at least a half hour before bed, no caffeine in the afternoon or evening, writing down everything that's worrying you and not overeating at dinner so your digestive system doesn't have to work too hard. And of course you should always speak to your medical practitioner.

This is just one technique so go ahead and give it a try but remember to keep doing it and if you want more tools like this, sign up below to be part of our beautiful tribe and receive guidance and support delivered to your inbox.

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