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Are your beliefs supporting you or stopping you? How to tell the difference.

You all of a sudden feel a huge resistance to it, all the thoughts about not wanting to do it start flooding through your mind such as, I can’t do it! Why bother? It’s just gonna get dirty again or I’m just gonna put the weight back on anyway!

Then you go back to doing what you’re in the habit of doing, maybe watching TV, maybe eating your emotions away, maybe distracting yourself with the internet and all those funny videos that just make you feel better but STOP you from moving forward.

We find comfort in the familiar,

but it's when you allow yourself

to leave your comfort zone

that you really see what you're capable of.

All of these things make you feel comfortable because they’re familiar to you. It’s stuff that your operating system knows works at keeping you safe. It would rather you do that than attempt to try something that can change things up and support your growth because in it’s opinion you might fail and be disappointed and start thinking badly towards yourself which it knows hurts you.

Your operating system takes the place of your parents constant guidance in your everyday living as you grow and you become more separate as a person. When you think for yourself and begin to manage your own life, which begins as a child, when you start to learn how to be a little person from the people and the environments you’re exposed to.

So if you had an experience as a child where, going back to one of our examples above of, doing the dishes. You were doing the dishes and something emotionally charged happened (your parents start fighting about money or you might cut yourself for the first time and bleed which frightens you), you felt frightened or unsafe. From that moment, you create a bunch of beliefs attached to doing the dishes along the lines of “bad things happen when you do the dishes.”

This creates an emotional and mental pattern which affects your ability to actually do that simple task of ‘just doing the dishes’, it becomes more than ‘just doing the dishes’ and it’s why some people struggle with certain things and others don’t.

It’s for this reason you need to understand that comparison has no place in daily living because no two people ever perceive the same experience in the same way.

Each person creates their own set of beliefs which build upon one another based upon the previous versions of the experiences (the people, sounds, environment, objects & smells may be different each time creating another set of beliefs to layer on the already existent ones).

So how do you tell if your belief about something supports you or stops you?


By noticing if any part of you feels resistance, whether it be in your thoughts, your emotions or your physical body becoming heavy as you try to do it.

This is a definite sign that there is a block presenting and needs to be cleared.

It’s important to know that blocks have layers to them and until you remove the root block, it will be harder to shift the add ons.

The root block is the first block created and has the most emotional charge attached to it, this can be the hardest to move.

It’s the one that really puts up a fight to stay because it feels that if it leaves, you won’t be safe anymore.

Your blocks are created to keep you safe.

Remember when your parents told you the stove was dangerous because it was hot, that fear is what stopped you from touching it and getting hurt, it can also contribute to not wanting to cook as an adult😉

This fear was only ever needed until you upgraded and learnt how to use the stove safely, if it wasn’t upgraded and replaced first, with the knowledge of how to use the stove safely and then that you can use it safely, then it will stop you from confidently and joyfully using it to create beautiful food.

Your belief system (which is your operating system), as I said earlier, has it’s foundations in place as a child so as you age, it’s important to update and upgrade your beliefs from, “the stove is dangerous”, to “I’m confident and capable of using the stove safely and I enjoy creating beautiful, nutritious food.”

So how do you fix it so that your beliefs instead support you in doing the dishes rather than stop you and create a consistently messy kitchen?

Look with a sense of investigation into what comes up as you’re doing things.

It’s great practice and can surprise you as you start to notice the stuff you have blocks attached to and you begin to notice the difference between when a block is present, the intensity of the block and how easy it is to shift it.

Want to learn how to clear your blocks?

Come check out my e-courses here to learn the exact simple method I use and teach my beautiful clients.

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