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Does change stress you out? Understand why & how to fix it.

Change, you either flourish with it or fear it.

Change can make you feel like the earth has fallen away and crumbled beneath your feet, like you're falling and there's nothing to grab onto. It can make you feel like everything you thought about the world and life was never real and that you have to start all over again!

Maybe you just got comfortable with a recent change and now it feels like there’s even more change happening which is totally freaking you out.

The truth is, there is always more change coming!

There always is!

Change is unavoidable because everything is designed to flow, if anything stops this natural process it will eventually wither up and lose it’s physical form.

Take a look at how much change happens in your daily life. Your nails and hair grow, your food is taken in and digested creating nourishment for your body which it uses to grow.

Now look around you, the grass grows and is cut then grows again, the trees grow, cars move and even the stock on the shelves of stores move.

If the flow stopped for any of these then they wouldn’t be used to their best ability, they would not be enjoyed and would end up being wasted.

Wherever you’re at in life, you can be guaranteed that change will continue to happen and when you can accept this fact it frees you up to acknowledge the reason for the fear of change.

Once you can connect with the blocks around the fear of change, you can then set about identifying them when they show up and clear them rather than live them.

Change is inevitable

but your perception of it is

what determines your experiences of change.

So how do you let go of the fear of change?

As always, it’s simple!

First, begin to look at the different changes you experience in your everyday life, for example, the day turns to night which turns to day, how do you feel about that change?

Or you change your clothes, how do you feel about that?

What about your feelings towards dishes going from clean to dirty and back to clean again?

All of these are change yet you may not be bothered at all by them, by which I mean you may not have any emotional charge attached to them. This is where you’ll find the blocks creating your fear of change.

Then notice how you feel about the different changes that occur in your day and when a change happens that triggers you into fear, now notice the thoughts and feelings around it and question it, eg. “What am I really afraid of?” Then decide if it’s a real life threat or if it’s just an old wound and decide if you want to let it go or live it as your reality. The choice is yours.

It’s normal to feel fear and it’s something you shouldn’t ignore because it’s a valuable gauge to keep you safe.

However the fear needs to be assessed before you act on it!

The steps above allow you to assess your fears of change from a space that takes you out of the emotion of it and into a space of clarity by looking from an explorers perspective rather than a victim perspective.

If you want more in depth guidance on this process be sure to check out the ecourses page.

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