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The simple method to end your struggle with overwhelm

The simple method to end your struggle with overwhelm.

Overwhelm is an interesting energy which can stop you completely in your tracks.

It keeps you stuck and spinning your wheels without any idea of how to get going again.

It’s easy to slip into overwhelm without realising when it actually happened and you then continue running the energy of overwhelm because it keeps you confused and without an ability to anchor into any one thought, feeling or task.

You end up exhausted and frustrated and like you’ve been hit over the head with a baseball bat, dazed and confused wondering what just happened when you do finally exit that state of overwhelm.

Overwhelm is a defence mechanism of your energy blocks that they use to keep you safe.

So what block causes overwhelm?

Fear of moving forward is the most common energy block that’s present and triggered when people slip into overwhelm. It stops you from being able to gain clarity on your next best step because it's afraid you won't be safe.

For example, you may be attempting to do something different, something you feel inspired to do to move forward in the direction of your ideal life, but because of the beliefs you have held in your energy field attached to previous experiences where you’ve done so and it hasn’t worked out or you didn’t feel safe or enjoy it, your blocks are triggered and set off a series of patterns to stop you moving forward. One of which is the state of overwhelm.

Overwhelm does this beautifully because it doesn’t let you connect with anyone or anything in any moment. It’s like being in a washing machine on the wash and spin cycle at the same time.

So how do I avoid overwhelm then?

Avoiding overwhelm is a lot easier to do than to try to get yourself out of it.

To avoid it, you simply notice when you begin to feel a little flustered and stressed. These are often the first signs that you’re about to slip into a pattern.

By noticing how you feel when you first shift into a different state you can choose if you want to go ahead and embody that particular energetic state or pull yourself away from it and into a more enjoyable state.

As I said, it’s much easier to shift away from an undesired state than it is to pull yourself out of a full blown pattern.

So how do I actually do that?

Check in regularly throughout your day and especially when you’re about to begin any task, because this is when your blocks are deciding if it’s safe for you or not to move forward with it.

If you feel a little off or tension anywhere in your body, that's a sign you’re blocks are coming up.

When this happens, tune into it and decide if it’s actually an unsafe activity or if it’s just simply a block that’s been created during an unenjoyable experience trying to keep you safe.

Once you’ve identified if it’s safe or not, let go of what’s blocking you by thanking it and letting it know that you’re safe, you’ve checked it all out and you’re moving forward and you’d like it’s support.

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