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What will you allow yourself to be, do & have this year?

What will you allow yourself to enjoy this year

Welcome to a new year with amazing new opportunities to achieve your goals!

The truth is, each moment in life is filled with opportunities to do things differently and you don't need to wait for a certain moment in time to make changes in your life, you can decide at any moment of any day that you're going to try things a little different.

You don't need to make massive changes everywhere, it's about taking one small inspired action & making it stick, then moving onto the next.

It all must first come from a space of 'Allowing'.

We so often overlook this step and move straight into force.

You begin to force yourself to lose weight, to stop smoking, stop overeating, etc. This approach makes it so unenjoyable and is a decision to work against something rather than towards something new.

You'll eventually give up and go back to the old comfortable and familiar ways of doing things but this time the effects are even more noticeable and make you even more unhappy.

So what's going on then?

The energy of force is one that works against something, it creates resistance.

Most people, don't do well when they feel forced into doing something and build up resentment towards that forced energy.

When you make goals based on stopping something rather than working towards something, you immediately set yourself up for resistance.

It's all in your 'WHY'!

So when you instead make you're goals, understanding 'why' you're doing or wanting something, it helps you see what you're working toward and inspires you, rather than focusing on what you don't want anymore, which is what you're working against!

Here's an example of how I used this approach to support my body in healing after over 13 years of excruciating pain with a debilitating illness:

For me, when I made the decision to allow my body to be comfortable and relaxed, I was then inspired as I moved forward to really listen to it, to hear what was causing it pain and to let it go from all layers of myself. I shifted from force and into allowing, which changed my entire experience of life!

I began to notice the thoughts that were coming up when my body was in pain, I chose to let them go and clear them from my energy body.

I then noticed the emotions that were present when my body was in pain, I chose to let them go and clear them from my energy body.

I then noticed the physical sensations in my body that I'd decided were painful and chose to let them go, then cleared them from my energy body.

I also noticed the physical world support I was offering it as well as the support I was withholding from my body and decided to now choose differently.

It was simple because I took it moment by moment,

I didn't force myself to fix it overnight,

I allowed it to evolve at a pace that was comfortable for me so I wasn't overwhelmed in any moment.

My experience with my body changed, I saw it as separate from myself and something I'm to take care of. I could see how it supports me every moment of my life and I was now excited to do the same for it.

I realised we're a team and together we can do amazing things in life, I just needed to change the way I saw it.

The moment you begin to 'allow', you free yourself up to see more ways which you can do things differently.

Your resources seem to magically multiply because you can now finally see them, all of them, rather than just the ones you're used to relying on.

So what will you 'allow' yourself as you move forward?

Connect with what you'd like, and take tiny steps each moment that bring you closer to it.

Be bold, be brave and be aware

Let me know what you're deciding to 'allow' yourself moving forward in the comments below and if this inspired you, I'd love to welcome you to our tribe which you can sign up to below.

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