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Why self love needs to be a priority, especially for you!

Self love is one of the most selfless acts we can perform yet we struggle with it & it needs to be a priority for everyone.

We often feel self love is selfish but it's actually something you need to be practising each & every day so you can show up authentically in your life & the lives of others.

Giving yourself permission to fulfil your needs each day is something you may not yet be making a priority in your own life but it's something you really need to look at so let's look at it now!

How do you feel when you think about self love & taking care of your needs?

Does it create tension in your body?

How's your jaw feeling right now? A little tight maybe?

Think about it, are you someone who talks yourself out of that bath you’re craving & the space it creates for you to disconnect & unwind, in favour of a quick shower because you believe you don’t have the time? Or maybe you choose the quick caffeine hit instead of that beautifully prepared nutritious meal or snack to fuel your body.

What you may not realise is that these are acts of self love you're ignoring, the call of your Soul to stop & connect within so you can come back to your centre.

They’re ways in which your soul is asking you to notice what you’re needing to fill in with so you can keep moving forward aligned with your Soul's True Essence.

When you ignore these calls, you’re creating a lack of resources within you which you need in order to continue to show up in the ways you want to in your life & the lives of others.

When you feel depleted, you’re more likely to snap at others & easily slip into the role of victim, feeling like you have to do everything for everyone & no-one does anything for you.

It’s important to understand that when you ignore the signals for filling up, you’re choosing to not love & support yourself. You’re sending a message to yourself that you don’t deserve love or to have what you need. This creates massive frustration within yourself which you then express outward into the world & towards others in a variety of hurtful ways.

So what is self love?

Everyone has their own meaning to a word but in this case, I describe it as acts that inspire, fill you up & are absolute bliss to your soul.

Why is self love so important?

Self love is a necessity to function in a clear, calm state & to create slack in your system so you’re able to be more compassionate & aware as you live.

By practising self love in your everyday living, it keeps you feeling filled up so that you don’t feel emotionally depleted or wanting, which allows you to show up more authentically because it supports your system in keeping it from slipping into stressed states. The states that create conflict, confusion & overwhelm.

The moments when you’re exhausted & unable to connect & express yourself in a loving way are the moments that are asking you to notice where you haven’t met your own needs today.

We are responsible for connecting with & identifying our needs on an energetic & emotional level & then to allow ourselves to feel it.

You can do this by using your physical world desires as a clue because they always have an energetic/emotional need attached to them.

Ok so how do I do that then?

First identify what the physical world desire means to you emotionally.

Then allow yourself to fill your entire body with the energy of that feeling by intentionally breathing it in with each breathe.

I’ll use one of my own physical world desires as an example here for you.

I may decide I really feel like a cup of tea.

I know that for me, a cup of tea symbolises space to unwind for a moment, a moment to be & to connect, whether with myself or other's I'm sharing it with.

So when I’m feeling a pull towards a cup of tea, it means energetically & emotionally I’m needing time to disconnect from my brain & from doing. It means I need time to just be.

By doing this, I don’t always need the cup of tea to happen, I can just fill in with these feelings.

So you go ahead & try it, practise this for a week when you feel a strong pull towards a physical world desire, notice how you feel when you practise this new approach & how your interactions flow.

I teach this in detail in my upcoming course, Authentically You which will be released in the coming months, so if you’d like to know when it’s available or if you’d just like more guidance like this, sign up below to be part of my beautiful tribe.

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